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You can reach me on Discord at Shigbeard#8964. Or join the Triumph MGE Discord with the link below.

Triumph MGE Discord


I guess you could add me on Steam. There's no real point though.

Steam Profile

Join the MGE Servers

Go DM some nerds I guess?

Triumph MGE #1 - Chillypunch

Triumph MGE #2 - Training

Who Am I

I'm just some stupid nerd who saw Conquer's servers go down and thought "Hey maybe people might actually like me if I made MGE servers." It went as well as expected. A cold shoulder from Obla, an angry scottsman charging me for tech support, and my depression hasn't been worse.

Click this button to see my Ozfortress profile, so you can see how trash I am

Honestly, why are you reading this?

I'm struggling with shit to put into this, I just figured I'd fill the template so at least the page LOOKS like it's filled.

Reasons why I suck

  • I main medic
  • I wish I was dead
  • Haha funny meme
  • I feel like a permanent dole bludger

Welp, you made it to the end

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